Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tips from a Local Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney
This is a difficult time and a divorce attorney can guide you through the process so that you and your assets are protected. If you are considering a divorce, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to have a consultation.  There are things you can do ahead of time to protect yourself and your family.
Here are some things to consider:
·         Where do you want to live after the divorce?  You need to make preparations for this ahead of time.  If you have children, the home becomes more valuable because whoever continues to live in the “family home” could be viewed to have more stability.  If you want to share custody try to live within the school district, even if you do move.  This is one of several factors when determining custody so if possible, put yourself in a good position by staying in the home until after the divorce has been finalized.
·         What custody schedule do you want to have?  Try to set the schedule at the time of separation for what you want to have in the long run.  Judges will often look to the existing schedule to determine what is working.  If it appears to be going fine, they will likely just keep your existing schedule in place as part of the divorce.  If you want primary custody try to keep the kids as much as you can now.
·         What do you do for work?  Employment consistency will help with showing you are stable and a good provider for the kids.  If you haven’t been working and have been depending on your spouse for income, we can help you to create a strategy to obtain spousal support. 
·         Examine your assets.  Are their certain things that you want out of the divorce?  If so we need to know right away and know your thinking behind why you thing they should belong to you.  It is our job to make your case and the more information we have, the better.
·         What will you compromise on?  As a divorce attorney, it is rare to see someone get everything that they want.  It is best to know which items you are willing to compromise on and which ones you are non-negotiable.  This gives us something to work with.
·         Bank accounts.  If you want to get a divorce, it is smart to take out a credit card in your name only and to open a separate bank account where you can place some savings.  When your spouse finds out about the divorce, they could respond in anger and try to take you off of your accounts.  While this is illegal, and we can help correct it, you could be in a temporary lurch and this is not a stress you need to deal with. Prepare for financial challenges by saving some money.

Timing is important when you are planning for a divorce.  If you do it correctly, you can have more of what you want.  Call us today to learn how a local divorce attorney can help.